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          After 15 years of presenting the work of exceptional emerging and mid-career artists at 1183 Dundas St W., Wil Kucey Gallery has closed. Our deepest gratitude is extended to the artists we exhibited, the viewers who engaged with the work, the writers who covered the evolution, and the clients who acquired work for their homes and collections. We urge you all to continue your work, and promote the value of engaging with the original, and the critical issues within the art world.


          Wil Kucey will continue to offer consulting services to artists and collectors in his role at Canadian Fine Arts. Expanding his expertise across the history of Canadian art, Kucey provides knowledge in both Historical and Contemporary Canadian Art markets to clients interested in exploring the breadth and depth of Canada’s visual history.


          Contact:  wil@

          Canadian Fine Arts: www.canadianfinearts.com


          Please visit the websites of artists associated with

          the history of LE Gallery and Wil Kucey Gallery.


          Michael Antkowiak

          Sarah Clifford Rashotte

          Hudson Christie

          Nicholas Di Genova

          Stefan Herda

          Mitsuo Kimura

          Megan McCabe

          Tom Ngo

          Shogo Okada

          Jan Ollner

          Margaux Smith

          Mark Stebbins

          Nathalie Thibault

          Howie Tsui

          Scott Waters


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